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Long Term Lead Nurture Strategy AUTOMATED In Go HighLevel

Jul 25
Here's another tip or trick I'd like to share with you today. Now this one is actually a powerful follow up method. So we build these nurture messages inside our snapshots. 
Once you set up a nurture follow-up sequence and you have people coming into it, you are able to continuously follow up with him and stay in touch throughout the sales process to make that sale happen. 
Here are a couple of different scenarios that we've built around weekly text message nurturing. 
If you have sales, and promotional offers in place and you're sending them on a weekly basis, you'll have people turned off pretty quickly and they'll opt out of your messages. 
We have created a series of educational messages that we hope will keep people opting in to receive some of these messages, marketing messages from you, so they won't opt out. 
This is from our SAS agency in a box snapshot, where you can sell it high level as a white label SAS product to businesses interested in it. 
After someone opts in or lands on your website or funnel page and fills out a form or something, and you've opted them in, they start receiving these messages after seven days. 
A lot of people surprisingly don't know that right so you dentists recommend you gotta brush them for at least two minutes. 
Another you know healthy habit is to brush them first thing in the morning and last thing at night, right? 
Similarly so you're providing you know important oral health tips right here. 
So again next time they're in a ▪ in a get together a cocktail party or a friend or family asks them, hey I'm having some pain in my teeth or I need to really need to go see a dentist. 
Do you recommend anyone, guess what they're gonna say? 
yeah you know you know what, go to abc dentist or X. Y. Z. Dentist. 
And they're going to remember that because they've been receiving those messages on a date on a on a regular basis. 
You know once a week at least that is telling them something more important than just selling them on something which is helping them take care of their health, right? 
So they're learning through this process. You're adding value to them. Which is why they're gonna stay opted in. 
Yes you're gonna have a certain percentage of your patients or customers definitely opt out. 
But the percentage that will stay in will stay engaged to these messages. 
And you can obviously have some sort of a trigger setup that at at a certain point you may want to remove them You know once they may be completed a treatment or something like that or switch them to a different type of a nurture as well.