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Southfield No-Fault Insurance Attorneys

Aug 24

By now, most Southfield, MI, residents have heard about the no-fault car insurance laws in Michigan.  But the car accident specialists at the law firm of Wigod & Falzon know that these laws are not simple to understand.  You will need the most reputable Southfield no-fault insurance attorneys to help you understand your rights in a no-fault state.  These excellent attorneys can be found at the law firm of Wigod & Falzon.

Tort Threshold State

When suing the other driver for damages, the first item that your car accident lawyer in Michigan will explain to you is the idea of a tort threshold.  A tort is a civil wrong (not criminal) that causes harm.  The person who causes the harm is legally liable.  

Michigan is not only a no-fault state for car insurance but also a tort threshold state.  Michigan residents can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for pain and suffering. Still, in Michigan, the person who has the personal injury has to show that they experienced a "serious impairment of bodily function."

This is the “threshold” that the law is talking about.  Your injuries have to cross the threshold of being serious.  It is vitally important to have Southfield insurance attorneys at the law firm of Wigod & Falzon. They understand these concepts if you want to receive the total compensation you need.

Today’s Laws

When the new at-fault insurance laws were enacted in July 2020, it made it possible for Michigan drivers to carry Car Accident Lawyer Michigan, which is less than unlimited.  The injured person can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for medical costs exceeding their policy cap.

For example, perhaps the at-fault driver chose only to carry $200,000 in personal injury protection.  But you have major injuries that already exceed that amount. In addition, your medical expenses will continue to mount up because your injuries will need ongoing rehab therapy.  Now under Michigan law, you can sue for all these expenses.

What You Can Sue For

The Southfield accident attorneys at the law firm of Wigod & Falzon will explain the things you can sue for. The at-fault driver can be sued for pain and suffering, excess medical expenses, and excess wage losses.  You can also use your insurance from Southfield accident attorneys if they haven’t paid all your injury protection benefits.  Finally, there is a mini-tort claim to help repair your car for up to $3,000.

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